History Repeats Itself.

History Repeats Itself.

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AICE General Papers

1. The daily life of a puritan was really occupied. It started before sunrise and ended at night. Their lives centered religion and followed God's plan, which was to attend church as a duty of life.
2. Puritans many times wore dark clothing. They believed appearance was for man and the heart for God. Mainly rich people wore black because it was really expensive. As for food, Puritans fished and farmed. They ate vegetables and usually drank wine to wash it down.
3. Some historical facts about the puritans would include: the fact that they believed in witches and their capability in harming others. Also, if they, Puritans, were found to be guilty, they had to be consequenced. Their punishment was death.
4. In the Puritans society, the female role was for women to work inside the house and outside for the garden. They were not allowed to vote nor opinion-ate in church.
5. The puritans attitude towards life was that the bible was everything. They believed in the existence of devils and witches. An example of superstition of the puritans, in The Crucible, included puritans believing that the forest was the home of the devil, simply because it contained mystery. So, they claimed it to be pure evil.
6.Important people in puritan colony were: William Bradform, who helped survive Indian attacks. Also, Squanto, who helped with the relationship between the natives and pilgrims.
7. One of the many main reasons that distinguish between pilgrims, puritans, and Quakers is pilgrims believed in predestination. Whereas for Quakers, they believed all people who did the right thing would go to heaven. The Puritans believed only their group would go to heaven.
8. The way witches were identified was by having a series of hearings called a "Salem Witch Trial". Common methods of punishment for witchcraft included hanging and burning.
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