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Thank you very much the staff and i really loved your letter and honestly you are the first person to send the shelter a wounderful letter like this one.

Let me tell u alittle bit on what we do at the shelter in the morning we come in and wake up all the animals and let them go out side in to runs they are out side big cages so they dont run away and get lost again. After thats finished the staff go and clean up any messes the animals may have made they wash out the kennals wait for it to dry and then repaper and put fresh water and food in there for them, then all the animals come back in and have there lunch. when they are all finished we take them back out side and if there is more than one staff on one will take time and play ball, go for walks, and yes they go to school also they have to learn to sit, stay, come, and some like the babies have to learn it not good to nibble peoples fingers. I think its alot of fun.

There is also paperwork that have to be done phone calls have to be answered and adoptions. The paperwork is one of many things i do in the shelter i have to make sure all animals are accounted for make sure all public programs the shelter is involved in are updated. I also order any medical supplies, office supplies, donations from the public. When it comes to adoptions thats one of the happiest time at work just knowing one of the animals at the shelter will have a now forever home where he/she will be loved and given the life they all so desvire to have. But before they are adopted out they must go throw many test for example they cant be food aggressive, no bitting have some if not all there mannors also making sure they go to a home fit for just them like if the animal can only go to a home who dont have kids then they will go to a home only if they dont have kids its saver for both owner and pet.Apon adoption the pet will have parvo/distemper shots alone with rabies and been dewormed so we know that the pet will have a...

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