History of My Life
Alexandria Renquinha
Adult Growth and Development
Psy 202
Professor Pamela Bartlett
July 22, 2012

History of My Life

1. Family History

1. Military Child

2. Divorced parents

3. Absent Mother

2. Childhood memories

1. Going to Virginia Beach during the summer

2. Days spent with my grandmother

3. Going to theme parks with my dad

3. What I was like as a teenager

1. Very adventurous and outgoing

2. Cared about school and my grades

3. Became involved in after school activities

4. My favorite hobbies

1. I was a part of a dance team

2. I loved being a part of the symphonic and marching band

3. Became inducted in the National Honor Society

5. My achievements in my life

1. I became a single mother at 19

2. Held a full time job, went to school and put a roof over my head

3. Finishing my bachelor’s degree

Growing up in a broken home is a tough thing for some children to deal with. Some children turn the situation around and do something positive with their life, and some children become the product of their environment. This is can be related to the Nature v. Nurture theory. The story of my life is quite the adventure from start to finish. Even though I did not have a normal life, the history of my life defines me because I have had an amazing journey and it has identified me as an individual. Growing up as a military child, having an absent mother and still creating the childhood memories everyone deserves were not an easy one to have. Becoming a mother at 19 made things even harder and really put my strength and resilience to the test.

My family history was quite the whirlwind from as far...

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