Every year there is a bunch of material that falls from space into the earth (3). Most of the material that falls from space burns before it reaches the atmosphere (3). The material that falls from space is burnt before it reaches earth by aerodynamic heating by colliding with air molecules at really big velocities (3). There have been more than fifty thousand space rocks that have survived falling from space to earth (3).

A meteor is a meteorite (2). It can also be from an asteroid or comet (2). Meteors are dust pieces that come from comets (2). They are not any bigger than the size of a grain of rice (2). The earth has millions of meteors come down on the earth every day (2). Meteors can be made up of many things (2). The can be stony (2). They have minerals in them like silicon, iron, nickel, stony iron, and oxygen (2). Meteors are known as shooting stars (4). If a meteor makes the fall from space to earth it is then known as a meteorite (4).

Meteorites are normally stony or irony (4). Meteorites are pieces or metal or rock that fall from space to earth (7). While a meteorite is falling from space it is called a meteor, but once it lands it is called a meteorite (4). Most of the meteorites are caused by asteroids colliding in space and having pieces break off from them (4). Some of the meteorites come from Mars and the moon, the meteorites that come from there are a lot younger than the ones that come from the asteroids (4). Meteorites are found all over the world; there in not just one place they fall (4).

A comet is a small solar system body that orbits around the sun (6). Another name for comets are dirty snowballs (6). Comets are left over pieces from stars and planets from billions of years ago (6). Comets are made of ice, dust and different rock particles (6). Haley’s comet is the most well known comet (6).

Shooting stars look like stars flying through the sky (8). Shooting stars are actually not stars (8). A Shooting star is a...

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