Hit Squad

Hit Squad

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Hit Squad by: James Heneghan
Cesar Fernando Vazquez
Porras ELAR

Many kids have thought that school is a night mare, hell, worst place to be. They have only one reason ….BULLIES. Even though Michael Cord was extremely good in football and could take on anyone, he still got thrown around like if he was a tennis ball. He is not exactly shy it just that with all the bulling, he hasn’t really have time to communicate with others. Birgit Neilsen is introduced in the story when she gets cornered into an art closet and basically gets raped by 3 girls who think they are superior to others. Peter is just described as a smart jock who is Birgit’s boyfriend. Whisper is a nickname for another boy that has been bullied. There’s also Joey Washington who doesn’t have a big role in the story but, he was beaten up by two 10th graders during the story, he lies in the hospital with broken ribs and other injuries. Last character is named Heck, he is somewhat like a Lennei Smalls, he is somewhat disabled but he is really strong.

There is not much of the setting in the story. The only place you can consider as a setting is the Grandview High School and the old band room in the school’ basement. Birgit considers the High school as a body with Cancer; the cancer is the low-life bullies. According to the book, the city is mostly rain and brings a somewhat gloomy and dark mood.

This novel is told in 3rd person point of view because it switching from person to person like Killing Mr. Griffin. I think this is the best option because the third person shows all the scenes where each character was bullied/beaten up. Some examples are “Peter cut in.”

The conflict in this story is that these kids are severely bullied every day for no reason. These kids don’t deserve to be punished by getting a trip into the hospital. They are basically innocent high scholars who are trying to get through grade. In fact, some what a good future and apply themselves in education. It...

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