Hitler's Mistakes

Hitler's Mistakes

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Diplomacy and its Changing Practice in Era of Increased Globalization

Brian Vos

Student Number: 6841552

POLS 1500
Dr. P.E Buteux
23 March 2008

In the realm of international relations where nation states co-operate, compete, and co-ordinate diplomacy is the grease that keeps things running smoother. Although there are as many definitions as countries this definition from the Encyclopedia Britannica (2008) most eloquently defines diplomacy as the art of conducting relationships for gain without conflict. It is the chief instrument of foreign policy and its methods include secret negotiation by accredited envoys and international agreements and laws. Traditionally, diplomacy has been in the realm of diplomatic core carefully negotiating international agreements, treaties, and trade policies. The primary goal of this type of traditional diplomacy was to maintain power over weaker nation states and preserve a balance of power with nations of equal status. As outlined by (Davenport, 2003) “in a bipolar world based on ideology, the opposing forces lined up in conventional ways, with both military and diplomatic battles fought between states. Even the structure of international organizations such as the United Nations bore the stamp of the great powers, with the five permanent members of the Security Council able to veto proposals not consonant with their national interest.” Thus, this form of diplomacy focused primarily on the power both formal and informal that nation states...

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