Hiya Im Reading Now

Hiya Im Reading Now

Attribute Approach:

- Focuses on individuals attributes

- Believed for Company’s success

- Defines Set of Traits :

a. Initiative

b. Leadership

c. Competitiveness

d. Evaluate individual on them.

Graphic Rating Scales

- Presents appraisers with a list of traits assumed to be necessary to successful job performance.

Examples—cooperativeness, adaptability, maturity, motivation

- A five- or seven-point rating scale accompanies each trait.

- Points on the scale are defined by numbers and/or descriptive words or phrases that indicate level of performance.

- Uses a printed form to evaluate

Example of Graphic Rating Scale:


Mixed Standard Scale:

- Developed to get around of some of the problems with the Graphic rating scale.

- Defines relevant performance dimension

- And develop statements representing good, average, poor performance along each dimension

Management –by-Objectives

- A management system designed to achieve organizational effectiveness by steering each employee’s behavior toward organization’s mission.

- MBO process includes:

- Goal setting

- Planning

- Evaluation



- Easy to develop and generalizable across variety of job, strategies and organization.

- If much attention is devoted to identify those attributes relevant to job performance and carefully defining them on the rating instrument, they can be reliable and valid as more elaborate measurement technique.


- Falls short on several of criteria for effective performance management.

- Has little congruence between the techniques and company’s strategies.

- These methods usually have very vague performance standards that are open to different ratings and rankings.

- The result is that both Validity and Reliability of these...

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