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Higher Level Questions
Level 1
Where and when did Martin Luther King, Jr., write his letter?
According to the line 3 sentence, “While confined here in Birmingham City Jail” King wrote the letter in Birmingham Jail. At the beginning of the letter the date is written, “April 16, 1963” (King, Line 1). This date shows when King wrote his letter. He wrote this letter when segregation was still very common in America.

Level 2
What caused Martin Luther King, Jr., to end up in jail?
He was the president of his organization and after waiting for a long time he got tired of waiting and felt that he had to act. At the end of page 5 and the beginning of page 6 the quote “I was arrested Friday on charges of parading without a permit” is evidence of why he was arrested (King). He ended up in jail because of his demonstration in Birmingham City without a permit.

Level 3
How did Paul Fussell feel towards the right to bear arms?
Paul Fussell felt that the right to bear arms is nowadays abused to the point that the whole second amendment is never used to its full potential. In the second amendment, citizens are allowed to own fire arms. The only problem is that there is no way to control the amount of fire arms and violence involving fire arms in the country. Because of this restrictions could start to be put of guns but Fussell feels that if the amendment would be enforced and recognized for what it really is than the right to bear arms could be restored to what it used to be or better.

Level 4
Why did Martin Luther King, Jr., write his letter?
Martin Luther King’s wrote this letter to tell the city of Birmingham and the rest of the country that he was put in jail for what he believed in and that he was put in jail because of injustice. He could no longer wait for nothing to happen in society for the rights of African Americans. Since they were not able to become registered voters in some counties such as Birmingham, his people could not be able to cause...