HLT 362 Week 1 -5 All Discussion Questions

HLT 362 Week 1 -5 All Discussion Questions

HLT 362 Week 1 -5 All Discussion Questions

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Week 1 Dqs

1 - How could graphics and/or statistics be used to misrepresent data? Where have you seen this done?

2 - What are the characteristics of a population for which a mean/median/mode would be appropriate? Inappropriate?

Week 2 DQS

1 - Explain the importance of random sampling. What problems/limitations could prevent a truly random sampling and how can they be prevented?

2 - How large would your population have to be for a sample to be appropriate (i.e., rather than measuring the whole population)?

Week 3 DQS

1 - Suppose you hear an “old-timer” say, “Why, in my day, kids were much more respectful and didn’t cause as much trouble as they do nowadays!” Formulate a hypothesis related to this statement that you could test. How would you test it?

2 - Researchers routinely choose an α-level of 0.05 for testing their hypotheses. What are some experiments for which you might want a lower α -level (e.g. 0.01)? What are some situations in which you might accept a higher level (e.g. 0.1)?

3 - Explain when a z-test would be appropriate over a t-test.

Week 4 DQS

1 - If the result of an ANOVA experiment was "not significant", was the experiment a failure? Provide reasoning and examples (real or hypothetical) to support your argument.

2 - What is an interaction? Describe an example; what are the variables within your population (work, social, academic, etc.) for which you might expect interactions?

Week 5 DQS

1 - Now that you are familiar with the basic concepts of statistics, what are some examples of when you have seen or heard statistics used inappropriately?
2 - What is an example in the world around you for which you would...

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