Miri Piri Academy
Teacher Self Reflection May 2010

Dear Teachers,
We thank you for the “year that was” and look forward to the “year that will be”. The end of the school year is a time of self-reflection and we ask you to self-reflect on your performance and growth plan.
Please put earnest effort and pure intention into answering this questionnaire. The unexamined teaching career can lead to you being stagnant and no longer enjoying your job! Times change, perspectives change, and you must change in order to adapt and remain relevant in the ever-changing world of education.

(Through the Looking Glass)

❖ Where did I fall short as a teacher in the past? Where did I succeed?

❖ What is my top teaching goal for the coming year?

❖ What can I do to make my teaching more fun while adding to my students’ learning and enjoyment?

❖ What can I do to be more proactive in my professional development?

❖ What resentments do I need to resolve in order to move forward more optimistically and with a fresh mind?

❖ What type of students do I tend to ignore or do I need to spend more time serving?

❖ Are there any aspects of the profession that I am ignoring out of fear of change or lack of knowledge? (i.e. technology)

❖ How can I increase parent involvement?

❖ Have I done enough to foster a productive relationship with my fellow teachers?

❖ Have I done enough to foster a productive relationship with my administrator?

❖ Do I bring additional stress upon myself? If so, how can I decrease or eliminate it.

❖ How have my beliefs about learning and pedagogy changed over the years?

Thank you for taking the time out for this self-reflection!

Have a wonderful summer and see you in August.[pic]