Would you study for a next day test or would you go to the best party ever with your friends? Today’s young people have to confront this dilemma most weekends. It is true that no matter what decision you choose, you would always lose something. The most important decisions are the ones you choose at your young age because they construct the path to your future.

Certainly, when choosing a decision of this type, you wouldn’t enjoy the things of the other option. When you choose the option of study, your social life would be in great manner affected. You wouldn’t meet the cool people that will go to the party and even you don’t know if you would miss the party of your life. The party you have wait all your life to come, ruined because of a test.

However, if you choose the option of going to the party, you would also lose things. Probably, you would not pass the test and maybe fail in the class. If you are in high school, you wouldn’t have good grades for the graduation and in consequence, would affect when choosing the university to go. In the same way, if you are already in college, maybe you would have to take the class again because you didn’t passed it.

Therefore, you have to be intelligent when choosing decisions. The thing here is to think which option would contribute more in a positive way to you. If you think in that, the option you would choose would be to study for the next day test. That’s the option that would make you being successful in life because is the one that direct you to a great future. Going to the party can make you feel good for the moment, but studying for the test would make you feel successful for life.

In conclusion, there are temptations that can enter mind and make you choose wrong decisions. There exist many other temptations just like the one of going to parties. You have to be capable enough to choose the right decisions that would make you be a prosperous and successful human in life. Always see decisions as the...

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