hold harmless

hold harmless

Parent/Guardian Agreement if Poolee/Guest is under 18 Years of Age

I, _____________________________ (PRINT NAME), hereinafter “Parent/Guardian”, on the behalf of (PRINT MINOR’S NAME), hereinafter “Poolee/Minor”, enter into this HOLD HARMLESS AND RELEASE FROM LIABILITY AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) with the United States Marine Corps on


1. For consideration of allowing my Poolee/Minor to participate at his or her request, Parent/Guardian and the United States Marine Corps agree as follows:

a) Parent/Guardian represents that they are the legal guardian of the Poolee/Minor named above and that they have legal care, custody and control over the Poolee/Minor.

b) Parent/Guardian agrees that their Poolee/Minor can fully participate in physical training. Parent/Guardian and Poolee/Minor fully understand that the physical training is designed to be EXTREMELY RIGOROUS and is intended as preparation for success at Marine Corps Recruit Training.

c) Parent/Guardian agrees to HOLD HARMLESS and RELEASE FROM LIABILITY the United States Marine Corps, including but not limited to all personnel, agents, or employees, therein, acting in their official or unofficial capacity, from any and all claims, actions, and judgments, including costs and attorney’s fees, from any personal injury, up to and including death, or property damage arising from or related to your Poolee/Minor’s participation in today’s physical training, whether official or unofficial, INCLUDING NEGLIGENT CONDUCT BY THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS.

d) Parent/Guardian further agrees TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the United States Marine Corps from any loss, liability, damage or costs, including court costs and attorney’s fees, due to my own or my Poolee/Minor’s participation in physical activity, WHETHER CAUSED BY NEGLIGENT CONDUCT BY THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS or otherwise.


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