holiday assign

holiday assign

1.It is a very high-tech world and gadgets and technology have become the centre core of most of the working people today. It is a gizmo world and most of us are victims of this system.The gadgets we use start off as being conveniences, but end up as addictions. The corporate world needs 24/7, round-the-clock services, so these gadgets are the most sought after things today. Write an article on the topic, “Growing craze for gadgets” in about 120 words. You can also refer to the MCB Unit, “Science”.
2. Tani Mukerjee of class X is worried regarding the depletion of resources all around her. She is the president of the Eco Club of her school and feels passionately regarding conserving the resources, which are being wasted by people around her. So she decides to write an article on “ Conserving The Environment Around Us” in about 120 words. You can use the ideas from the MCB section on ‘Environment’.
3.You have been listening to speeches on the T.V. about the forthcoming elections. Each leader laughs at his/her rival and does not refrain from making nasty remarks. Write a diary entry, how you feel about election speeches in about 80words.

Hints : Election fever at height – So are the derogatory remarks – Integrity, character of each candidate questioned – Unrestrained criticism – Why do people forget decency and courtesy? – Totally confused

4. Your cousin, only four, went missing since morning. Make a diary entry of what you did, how you feel at the discovery in about 80 words.
Hints : Come to New Delhi first time – Knew only his name – Walked out of the kitchen door – Confusion Hue and cry – Everyone sent on a search – Report at the police station – Picture shown on T.V.-Discovery

5. Write an original short story ending with the statement, “All’s Well That Ends Well” in about 150-200 words.
6. Turtles live for around 100 years. Humans beings rarely live...

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