Dear teachers, parents, and friends,

Welcome to 6B’s presentation. For you, today, we have prepared many interesting facts on Holland.

Holland has a combined population of about 16 million people. It is one of the European countries, which attracts the most tourists. It is known for its delicious cheese, milk, windmills, colorful tulips and water carriers. While we were gathering information about Holland, we noticed that there are quite a lot of ethnic groups in the country such as Frisians, Castricums, and Saxons.(I think ) The language primarily spoken in Holland is Dutch. The standard Dutch that is spoken in the Netherlands is historically based on the Hollandic dialect of Holland, and is related to the word ‘deutsch’ in German and derived from the same root.

Education is obligatory for the students between 6-15.There are some state schools as well as private schools. The government is responsible for the academic funding. The rate of the illiterate is about 2 %, which is the lowest in the world.

Amsterdam, formally the capital of Netherlands, is one of the world’s liveliest cities. It is famous for its popular streets, museums and shops, which we think is worth visiting. It has an amazing number of shops where you can find various kinds of souvenirs, but we strongly recommend that you buy the wooden shoes called ‘klompen’.

The first place to visit should be Damrak Street. It is a place to relax and rest for the Dutch as well as all the tourists coming from different places of the world. And now comes the Dam Square, which is the centre of Amsterdam. The parks that you come across in the city are worth seeing for they have wonderful flowers and tulips. That’s why Holland is known as the ‘Garden of flowers of Europe’. They also like drinking coffee a lot. They prefer going to cafes during the day to have coffee breaks. You can always find something to eat, since you can see lots of cafes and small restaurants in every corner. The main...

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