Home Automation Market Analysis: Forecast Period, 2015 – 2025 by FMI

Home Automation Market Analysis: Forecast Period, 2015 – 2025 by FMI

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Home automation provides high end solutions and uses advanced digital technology to
automate our products and systems. Home automation provides better efficiency and
better performance in automating the home or our household activities to centralized
control the system. Consumers want to customized, they want professionally installed
systems, which is at their convenience and easy to use. They want to save time, prefer
energy efficient or saving products. In India, Honeywell and Tata Power Delhi Distribution
announced their Automated Demand Response (ADR) project for industrial and
commercial facilities. With the help of Honeywell technology, Tata Power Delhi distribution
will link more than 160 buildings in its distribution network. It would include power
management during periods of peak consumption.
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Recently, SwannOne is launched by Swann security that allows users to control their
security cameras, lights, AC’s, locks through SwannOne app. It is a multi-faceted home
automation system. This app is also compatible with cloud storage solutions and audio
analytics. Mouser Electronics is collaborating with AirCorp, TE Connectivity, and Factory
Automation System to announce a new Home and Factory Automation Series. This series is
a part of Empowering Innovation Together program, which would focus on that would
focus on innovative automation technologies that was only seen in science fiction TV
shows or movies.

Report Description
Home Automation Market: Drivers & Restraints
Increase demand of smart phone based app for home automation, increase consumer
awareness about...

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