Home Reading Assignment

Home Reading Assignment

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English HOME READING assignment- writing an analysis.

Title: The throne of fire
Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: myth
Narrarative point of view: the point of view is split between the two main characters.

1. The setting is in present time and the places are Brooklyn, the Ma’at (the energy world of Egyptian) Egypt, Russia, and London. He uses the time and place really good. Like in Egypt he uses the pyramid and the sphinx. Will in Brooklyn he uses the museums. Also there verbal language are present not western. It won’t work in any time. It won’t work in the past because maybe Egypt was found or the pyramid wasn’t build and also the language would be to new. It would work for the future. The setting does change it first begin in Brooklyn, then in London, Russia, to Eygpt / Bahariya, to Brooklyn, Ma’at, and back to Brooklyn. The reason to this change is because of this special scroll that is broken around the world.
2. The plot of the book was to find three pieces of a scroll. This scroll would awaken the god RA (sun god in Egyptian belief) to kill all doom and evil. They had to go around the world. The first part was in the Brooklyn museum. The second one was in Russia. The last one was in Egypt. There were only some problems. The problems were bad guys, and the worry that the god would come out old and weak. There was a subplot. It was to find this girl named Zia. She did help to kill the bad guys and to solve some puzzles that were needed to solve.
3. The main characters were Carter, Sadie, Best. The minor characters were Zia, Walt, and gods. Cater was a boy who went around the world and is smart. Sadie is the sister of Carter; she is ignorant and doesn’t listen. Bes is a dwarf god. Walt is a boy who was called from magic; he has a family curse and keeps it a secret. Zia is the reason Carter is eager to fight. The gods are who helping and trying to stop them.
4. The basic conflict is that the god Apophis is escaping his prison, and...

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