Homecoming Book

Homecoming Book

"Homecoming" by Kjell Askildsen is taken from "From now on, I follow you all the way home", 1953, and is a relatively short novel that spans only three small sites.

"Homecoming" is about a woman waiting for her husband to come home. She has waited for nearly an hour, and has spent time among other things, to decorate them. When her husband comes home, he shows her, not much attention, but would rather read the paper and relax. The woman will be disappointed in the bedroom where she stops in front of the mirror.

"Homecoming" is a typical story. It is short, few people, only the woman and her husband, and it stretches over a short period of time, maybe just an hour. This is found in the text where it says "In almost an hour I have waited" and "... already ten minutes after I get home."

Novella is written in the 1950s, at a time when there was the man who was responsible for providing income to support his family, while women generally went home and was doing housework. It was around this time it became more and more common tools for household work, which meant that housewives were less busy. This may therefore be set as a motive in the novel.

The action is a chronological look back at the beginning of the novel, where the woman thinks back on the last hour that has passed. As in most other stories, the reader also this right into the action without any introduction and presentation of the characters.

Novella can be said to be divided into three parts. In the first part is the woman waiting for her beloved, and thinking back on the hours that have passed. In the second part the man has come home, and you get a dialogue between the two men. In the third part is the woman into the bedroom and stands once again in front of the mirror.

The author operates with changing viewpoint. In the first part is located at the woman and staff. We get an insight into what women feel and think...

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