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The report will begin by briefly describing the Home Stay travel, the typical services supplement and the target group which is international cultural visitors. After that it will identify the specific situational elements which are communication situation, purchase situation, and usage situation. Those situational factors have a part in influencing the purchase decisions and helping the marketers to maintain their target consumers. The opportunity of Home Stay traveling is reflected by the market potential as displayed by the large number of the international visitors arriving in Australia. However, because of its new service, it faces a number of problems, take an example: the pioneering services, including: hotels, resorts, motels.

Next, in order to recognize when the situations happen, the strength of its effect and how it impact on tourists, the report will analyze and discuss situational influences which physical surrounding, social surrounding and time influence. Physical surrounding comprises services, facilities and location. Social surrounding shows the target group in terms of their characteristic as well as their status.

As a result of examining those influences, it provides marketer the marketing strategies with the purpose of understanding those influences in order to act and respond to them when the situations arise as well as encourage the purchase decision of visitors.




Currently, tourism is one of the most important industries in Australian, which accounted for 2.6% of total GDP (Tourism Australia. 2010). Since, Australia has become an attracted destination for international visitors because of its plentiful culture. However, Australia is still known as a fairly expensive country to spend holidays. Therefore, the idea of Home Stay accommodation gives tourists an opportunity to arrange the beneficial holiday. The advantages of choosing Home...