Homework Assignment - Networking Hardware

Homework Assignment - Networking Hardware

Debbie Urban
Net +
Jan 25 2009

Homework Assignment 1
Chapter 2

Key Terms

1. Arapnet 2. Modem
3. Server 4. Client
5. Dumb Terminal 6. Mainframe
7. Cross Platform Support 8. Network
9. Network Name 10. Input Output (I/O) Device

Multiple Choice

1. B & D 2. B & D
3. C 4. C
5. B &C 6. C
7. B 8. C
9. B 10. A

Lab Project 2.1


The gopher was built to be used as a file-like hierarchical arrangement that would be familiar to users, a simple syntax, a system that can be created quickly and inexpensively extending the file system metaphor to include things like searches. However as of 2008, there were approximately 125 gopher servers still in use displaying a slow growth from 2007 when there were fewer than 100. Many of them are owned by universities in various parts of the world. Most of them are neglected and rarely updated except for the ones run by enthusiasts of the protocol. Some have suggested that the bandwidth-sparing simple interface of Gopher would be a good match for mobile phones and PDAs, but so far, WML& WAP, DoCoMo i-mode, XTHTML Basic or other adaptations of HTML and XML, have proved more popular. The Py Gopherd server, however, provides a built-in WML front-end to Gopher sites served with it.


Trivial File Transport Protocol (TFTP) is a very simple file transfer Protocol, with the functionality of a very basic form of FTP; it was first defined in 1980. Because it is so simple, it is easy to implement in a very small amount of memory which was an important consideration at that time. TFTP was therefore useful for booting computers such as routers which did not have any data storage devices. It is still used to transfer small amounts of data between hosts on a network, such as IP phone firmware or operating system images when a remote X Window System Terminal or any other thin client such as a network host or server. The initial stages of some network...

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