Homework: Work in the Financial Services Industry

Homework: Work in the Financial Services Industry

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Unit Code – FNSICIND301B – Work in the financial services industry

Homework for 23/02/2010

You are employed as a customer service representative working for St George Dragons bank. You are requested by your manager to assist a potential new client Ms Samantha Chen who has the following questions for you;

1) Can you please advise me of what services Dragon Bank can provide me with?

a) Hi Ms Samantha Chen, here at St George Dragon bank we provide our customers with a range of services to cater for each individual’s specific needs. We can open up a savings account for you, this will entitle you to put any extra money that you may have into our bank into a power saver account where your money will be earning 5.25% p.a interest, or a direct saver which entitles you to 5.50% p.a interest, otherwise if you don’t need to access your money for 60 months you can get a whopping 7.25% interest p.a with a term deposit. Here at St George we also offer a variety of home loan options and refinancing your home loan with St George bank is easy as 1,2,3. We also have protection for your house and investments with the insurance options which we offer. Here at St George Dragon bank we also have Credit card options and Personal loans with the best rates available.
b) The documentation which can be given to Samantha could be information pamphlets, Samantha should also be given a link to the website for further information and also the representative’s card so she could call anytime to make an enquiry about the products.

2. False
3. False
4. True
5. True
6. True
7. True

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