´╗┐Each homework could be done by an individual student or a group of two.

Homework 1:
1. Chapter 1: All Questions
2. Chapter 2: Any 5 Questions
3. Chapter 3: Any 5 Questions
4. Chapter 4: Any 2 Questions

Homework 2:
1. Chapter 5: Any 3 Questions
2. Chapter 6: Any 5 Questions
3. Chapter 7: Any 3 Questions
4. Chapter 8: Any 3 Questions
5. Chapter 9: Any 3 Questions
6. Chapter 10: Any 3 Questions

Homework 3:
1. Chapter 11: Any 2 Questions
2. Chapter 12: Any 3 Questions
3. Chapter 13: Any 3 Questions
4. Chapter 14: Any 2 Questions
5. Chapter 15: Any 3 Questions
6. Chapter 16: Any 2 Questions

Chapter 1: Introduction to Quatitative Analysis
[1-8] Describe the use of sensitivity analysis and postoptimality analysis in analyzing the results.

[1-13] What is the break-even point? What parameters are necessary to find it?

[1-15] Ray Bond sells handcrafted yard decorations at county fairs. The variable cost to make these is $20 each, and he sells them for $50. The cost to rent a booth at the fair is $150. How many of these must Ray sell to break even?

[1-22] Golden Age Retirement Planners specializes in providing financial advice for people planning for a comfortable retirement. The company offers seminars on the important topic of retirement planning. For a typical seminar, the room rental at a hotel is $1,000, and the cost of advertising and other incidentals is about $10,000 per seminar. The cost of the materials and special gifts for each attendee is $60 per person attending the seminar. The company charges $250 per person to attend the seminar as this seems to be competitive with other companies in the same business. How many people must attend each seminar for Golden Age to break even?

Chapter 2: Probability Concepts and Applications
[2-14] A student taking Management Science 301 at East Haven University will receive one of the five possible grades for the course: A, B, C, D, or F. The distribution of grades over the...

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