Honda & It's Competitor

Honda & It's Competitor

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Honda Activa New Model Price, Review, Picture India
Honda Active is the first scooter model HMSI for the Indian market. There are two versions of this scooter known as the standard and deluxe. The new Honda Active is equipped with 110cc engine. The price for the new Honda Active is around Rs. 39800 / in Delhi. It revives the Indian scooter market after its launch in 2001.

New Honda Active has a new front and rear part. The front is more stylish with flowing lines, curves and aerodynamic styling with The rectangular bright headlamps. Clear in turn indicators.
The Active is available in six colors: clear-sighted Candy Red, Pearl White sunbeam, Wild Purple Metallic, Space Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic Genys and black.
Honda Active Scooter whole body grew higher height is now 17mm and height now 765mm versus older 760mm. New Active presence in 14 changes. And also new is full lengthfibre pillion grab rail.

Honda claims fuel on average between 45-50 kmpl. The new Active promised to provide a more efficient trip. In fact, HMSI said the Active has registered a 15 percent increase in kilometers relative to the previous model. Aside from the engine separates the metallic body in the new Honda Active Deluxe will be lighter in weight. Easier to provide better vehicle handling, and will also increase the mileage of the vehicle.
Honda Active live example of a great combination of technology, usability, comfort and stylish appearance. The most special thing in this' Honda's Active Gear-less system with light body and audio accelerator and break systems. This 4 stroke engine scooter has a 6 liter fuel tank capacity and gives an average of 45 km / litre.It have an auto and kick start mechanism, automatically provides a factory-fitted storage space and fuel indicator. Maximum speed possible is 80 kmph.
Price of EX- Show room | City |
Rs. 39,800/- | Delhi |
Rs. 41,300/- | Pune |
Rs. 41,340/- | Bengaluru |
Rs. 41,320/- | Kolkata |

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