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1. Are Hybrid electrical vehicles a radical innovation or an incremental innovation? Are they competence enhancing or competence destroying, and from whose perspective? How would you answer these questions for fuel-cell vehicles?
Hybrid electrical cars/vehicles could be considered a radical innovation. We can say that auto manufacturer’s had to come up with a totally different thing, even though they were having a prototype in shape of combustion engines but that was totally different that the Hybrid one.
Somehow yes, they are competence enhancing from industry’s, customers and environment perspective. It’s a natural phenomenon that if we have something in front of us, we tend to explore and further develop it as compared to not having an object present. When we have competition, people deliver the best out of what they have and the same applies in this where HEV’s have initiated a path which leads to better, safer, economical and environmental friendly vehicles, which may be achieved by enhancing Hydrogen combustion or Fuel cell technologies.

2. What factors do you think will influence the rate at which Hybrid electric vehicles are adopted by consumers?

Public awareness campaigns are of great importance and consumers should be educated about the positives of HEV’s and not only that, but negative aspects of Fuel Combustion vehicles should also be taught.

As the technology will enhance, the prices will come down, making it possible for more people to buy vehicles having this technology.

3. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of Honda and Toyota using the same engine standard?
As both the brands are giants with in their class and both have experience in developing the HEV’s, they could come up with something even better by sharing their expertise and experiences.
Both the companies have...

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