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Overview of Fiscal 2008 Operating Performance

Taking on market challenges and opportunities head on, Honda posted the highest level of net sales and other operating revenue in its history as a result of higher unit sales in automobile business and other factors. Profit indicators, including operating income, income before income taxes, minority interest and equity in income of affiliates and net income, also set new records. Factors driving this movement to new highs in profitability included higher revenues and the positive impact of cost reductions, both of which more than offset the escalation in raw material costs.

Motorcycle Business

Global unit sales of motorcycles declined, despite increases in Other Regions mainly in Brazil, as our unit sales in North America and certain other markets decreased.

By region, in Other Regions, which includes South America, we reported major increases in sales of 125cc-class models as a result of expansion in the Brazilian market. In Asia, sales of scooters and other motorcycles in India were favorable, and sales in the fast-growing economy of Vietnam were strong, especially for automatic transmission models.

In North America, however, as a result of the deceleration in the U.S. economy because of fallout from the subprime mortgage crisis, unit sales of medium- to large-size motorcycle models, sport-type ATVs, and other products declined from the levels of the previous year. In Japan, we took steps to increase the appeal of Honda products and stimulate market demand by installing fuel-injection (FI) systems* on scooters and other models, making full model changes in our large scooters, and adopting other measures, but unit sales dropped below the previous year.

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