Honeyboy is the real deal! has just recently been introduced to a true living legend. His name is David "Honeyboy" Edwards. Honeyboy Edwards was born in the Mississippi Delta in 1915, the son of a sharecropper. He started playing the blues at a young age with his father’s guitar.

Honeyboy Edwards played the acoustic guitar during the day at with authority, a style with a lot more care. At the night concert he played electric guitar with passion and emphasis.

Honeyboy played his own original songs, which were his average blues, and songs associated with other artists. He told us about playing with Robert Johnson and "Big" Joe Williams, who were also blues legends.

In the middle of his performance, Michael Frank his advisor and spokesperson asked Honeyboy to tell us a little bit of his life story. The plot that followed was one of the most entertaining highlights of the evening. Honeyboy shared some of his experiences with the students. We had some laughs because we could hardly make out all of his words. He told the people who attended the evening concert about his touring as a teenager and how he received the nickname “Honeyboy”.

Accompanying him on harmonica was longtime associate of his. This person on the harmonica sometimes took the full of heart out of Honeyboy’s guitar. While we sometimes couldn’t understand Honeyboy’s lyrics, we certainly appreciate his talent and age.

All in all, David "Honeyboy" Edwards is one of the greatest blues Delta players of all time and is a living legend. The last song he played was upbeat and full of life. This made the crowd get up and start clapping and cheering for Honeyboy. It was a perfect ending to a most enjoyable performance at I am sure many others in attendance felt the same way.