Hongxing Launched a Large-scale Hydraulic Impact Crusher

Hongxing Launched a Large-scale Hydraulic Impact Crusher

Crushing and sieving technology of impact crusher type machine provides a high level of innovation and development, such as economic trends, and the impact crusher manufacturing equipment demand has reached an unprecedented height. Relative to the hammer crusher (hammer head went into a state of suspension), impact crusher rotor has more momentum, and adapt to broken the harder material, at the Hongxing time, low energy consumption. In crushing and sieving, whether people talks about mobile crushing station, heavy industry or other crushing equipment of Henan Hongxing, she all has first-class technology, first-class machinery and equipment.

Impact crusher can adjust the discharging granularity in a number of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjust the back plate and grinding chamber clearance, etc. Clearance adjustment can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic, adopt hydraulic regulating system can easily through the on-site operation button or remote control system to complete the clearance adjustment. And hammer crusher adjust the discharging granularity can only by changing the sieve plate at the bottom of the implementation. Impact crusher plate hammer adopts the mechanical clamping structure due to the rotor firmly with the rotor rotation with a lot of moment of inertia.

Impact crusher plate hammer wear only on one side of the material in greeting. When the rotor speed is normal, feed will fall to the surface of plate hammer. The board hammer and side are not worn on the back. However the hammer crusher hammer hanging state, before and after wear occurred last, relative to the plate hammer, hammer head more serious wear and tear, hammer metal utilization rate is only about 25%. Rotor itself may be worn as well. Sieve plate at the bottom of the hammer crusher is influenced by the wear serious, barrier to all change, and the work of changing of sieve plate is more complex.

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