Honor curriculum

honor curriculum

let's start by defining honor - to hold in or confer on esteem or value; to show high respect

who and what we honor can control us so it is useful to know why we honor

curriculum in general
*build cur. on theses principles of life:
1. you will eventually reap what you sow
2. you may also reap what others around you sow and reap
3. you will become what you think and do in abundance

honor in context of this curriculum has to do with recognizing the power in or conferred upon others. power is the force a person can exert to produce change in, or oppress or empower others. there are different forms of power. the different forms of power include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. today humans are born into the world with minimum power. humans live the first few years of life based mostly on the power of others. as babies humans depend on others for just about all of their physical and emotional care. there is no human alive that has bathe, fed, and clothe itself at its birth. all these things were provided by others. almost every good thing that a baby experiences is result of someone else's power. nowadays if you are even born in America you were most likely born because someone chose not to abort you. this means that someone else determined whether you live or die. therefore if you have enjoyed or appreciated anything you have experienced in life you owe some amount of honor to those who have empowered you to enjoy those experiences. to ignore these facts sets a person up to be disillusioned and and deceived about the reality of life and where it comes from. people who ignore or are ignorant of the powers others have had or yet have over them, are bound to dishonor those holding such power. Many times this leads to individuals receiving discipline or punishment from the dishonored power.
two primary sources of power are knowledge and understanding. knowledge has to do with knowing what is. whereas...

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