Hope Happenes

Hope Happenes

July 22, 2009

English Composition 101

Hope Happens

It was a warm spring afternoon in May, the sky was baby blue and
the smell of fresh cut grass filled the air. I remember wearing a cream colored dress
my mom had bought for me out of the J.C. Penny Catalog. The feeling of excitement
had overtaken my body and the thankful knowing I had made it through high school
was more than I could bear? School was a struggle in more ways than one and just
making it through was a blessing.
Sitting in my chair at my high school graduation I could have never
known what path my life was about to take. The graduation party was the biggest
social gathering of family and friends I had seemed in my life. Little did I know
this would be the last hoopla I would have with my cherished family unit and friends.
The drive to Bob Jones University in Greenville was a long one.
The heat was sweltering and the university looked more like a penitentiary. The fear
of going to a southern Baptist university was a little scary. I had told my mom and
dad that I wanted to go to Ohio State University with my best friend Julie Morris
and major in nursing. The parents thought it would be better if I did it under their
terms and send me to a private Christian university. So there I was at Bob Jones
University majoring in broadcast journalism a major my parental unit picked for me.
For the first few months my classes went by fast. I joined Zeta Taw
Omega and tried to enjoy my free time. I started an exercise program with a young
lady that I met at my dormitory devotions. Sharon and I started walking every night.
On one night in particular Sharon asked me why you always look so sad in you
eyes? I never thought I looked sad in my eye but maybe I did. She started asking me...

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