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Once there was a girl named Musa she was the goddess of art and music, with her brother Alto god of instruments. A day had come where they had to give a test of hope and togetherness; they were put into the wild jungle of evil things. Together they were tested if one of them falls into an obstacle, will the other one save him/her?

They started having a walk in the forest of the wild evil, but suddenly they felt that they got surrounded by some dark-plum colored orbs, but in the back of their mind they knew that these orbs were evil species of that world. The orbs started to come in their actual forms, Minotaur, Cyclops, Medusa and her two sisters Stheno and Euryale with some other monsters. The two felt a heavy spark of thunder down their spine just thinking what will happen next. The two of them started looking at the monsters with confidence that said they can fight and can overcome their fears. They sure did, but after the bloodshed and misery something was amiss, it was Musa! Suddenly Alto realizes that when the orbs disappeared, Musa also disappeared into thin air. This was the very first time he felt the insecurity and danger for Musa, he frantically started calling her name and was looking for her all around the forest. The only thought on his mind at that very moment was ‘MUSA SHOULD BE SAFE’. The only thing he could think of was how to save Musa’s LIFE. He’s trying to make out where she could be and then suddenly he remembers about the monsters, maybe they took her away.

He searches through the forests, and then suddenly he sees a humongous door engraved with rubies, sapphires, amethysts, topaz ’and onyxes, it was beautiful, Alto stood there and thought where would it lead and at last he pushed the door and all he could see was darkness. While he’s searching for Musa, she sits in a place poured with darkness, tied up with chains sitting in that place hoping that Alto will come save her, tears stroll through her cheeks. She...

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