horror in the woods

horror in the woods


(All 3 kids are at Synthia’s house. Raking leaves in the yard when they suddenly heard music playing in the woods.)

Gabe: What’s that sound? Do you hear that coming from the woods?

Synthia: (speaking in a high pitched voice) I don’t know Gabe! what do you think it is Aaron?

Aaron: I think it sounds like music. We should follow it.

Gabe: I’m not so sure...it seems kinda risky.

Aaron: Come on Gabe don’t be such a baby. Let’s just go. What’s the big deal?

Synthia: Oh come on Gabey! it will be fun (she gives him a kiss on the cheek)

(Aaron glares at both of them and starts walking into the woods)

Gabe: Well, we should just follow him

(Aaron led them into the woods for a long time until Gabe and Synthia didn’t know where they were anymore)

Synthia: Babe, do you know where we are? It’s pretty dark out and i’m scared!

Gabe: No, do you?

Synthia: (With worry in her voice) No I think we’re lost
(While Gabe and Synthia were talking, they didn’t notice Aaron quietly slip away)

Gabe: Woah! Where did Aaron go?

Synthia: We should keep going we need to find Aaron before it gets too dark. We can’t leave him out here.

(They hear some branches snapping in the distance)

Gabe: Did you hear that?

Synthia: Yeah I did, What do you think it was babe?

Gabe: I don’t know but we have to get out of here!

Synthia: But what about Aaron?

Gabe: Who cares about Aaron, he will find his way back!

Synthia: Lets go then!

(Start running hand in hand, trying to find a way out. All of a sudden they both hear the sound of a chainsaw right behind them.)

Synthia: (Screaming)

(Aaron jumps out in front of them with an evil look on his face and a butcher knife in his hand, stopping them in their tracks)

Gabe: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Stop!!! No not me!

(The chainsaw killer cuts Gabe’s arm off that is holding onto Synthia)

Synthia: (looking at Gabe in horror) I have to let you go!! I will always love you!!!...

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