Exploration of the
Future Health Professionals

1. On the internet type hosa.org
2. Search the web pages pertaining to HOSA to find answers to the questions below.
3. Type your answers in the spaces provided.
4. When you have completed the assignment submit it electronically.
5. Have fun searching!

A. Membership in HOSA is restricted to students in health science careers.
B. The inception of HOSA took place in the year 1976.
C. What are HOSA’s colors? What is the meaning of each color?
1. Navy Blue-Loyalty to the Healthcare program.
2. Medical White-Purity of purpose.
3. Maroon-Compassion of HOSA members.

D. How many students are members of HOSA? 165,000

E. List three HOSA publications.
1. HOSA Handbook 2. HOSA Bylaws 3. Policy and Procedures

F. Read the HOSA Creed.

G. State the three organizational levels of HOSA?
1. American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists 2. American Red Cross 3. American Careers

H. Describe the official HOSA dress code for its members.
Females -- Business suit, tailored dress or blazer and skirt or slacks with tailored blouse
Males -- Business suit or sport coat, vest, or sweater, and slacks with dress shirt and tie (optional). A member will receive 5 bonus points for following the dress code.

I. List 4 benefits of HOSA membership.
1. Gain knowledge and professional experience.
2. Find their passion.
3. Improve their future.
4. Life Experience

J. State the HOSA motto.
The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow


A. Where was the 2014 conference held? Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando Florida
What were the dates? June 25-28

B. Where will the 2015 conference be held? Hilton Anaheim - Anaheim, California
What are the dates? June 24-27

(Hint: Search under national event winners to answer the following)
C. At the 2010 NLC who won eighth place in the Secondary...