Summary of Evidences Required
Task/outcomes | Evidence Required |
Task1( LO1&LO2) | * Reflective Learning Journal * Notes that covers any analysis and dicussions required in the task |
Task 2 (LO3& LO4) | * A Personal Development Plan * Notes covering all analysis and reflections required in the task |

Guidelines |
* Ensure that all work had been proof-read and checked prior to submission. * Ensure that all references are quoted at the end of any question/document submitted (Harvard style of referencing). * Ensure that you back-up your work regularly and apply version control to your documents. * Ensure that there is an accompanying front cover sheet with your details, the unit details and your lecturer’s name. * On the deadline date for your assignment, send or submit all written assignments to |


Criteria | Assessment Criteria: |
LO1 | AC 1.1 evaluate approaches to self-managed learningAC 1.2 propose ways in which lifelong learning in personal andprofessional contexts could be encouragedAC 1.3 evaluate the benefits of self-managed learning to theindividual and organisation |
LO2 | AC 2.1 evaluate own current skills and competencies againstprofessional standards and organisational objectivesAC 2.2 identify own development needs and the activitiesrequired to meet themAC 2.3 identify development opportunities to meet current andfuture defined needsAC 2.4 devise a personal and professional development planbased on identified needs |
LO3 | AC 3.1 discuss the processes and activities required to implement the development planAC 3.2 undertake and document development activities as plannedAC 3.3 reflect critically on own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development planAC 3.4 update the development plan based on feedback and evaluation |
LO4 | AC...

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