Hot oil into the deodorization section for stripping, deodorization and thermal discoloration

Hot oil into the deodorization section for stripping, deodorization and thermal discoloration

The segment is composed of many through the whole platter vertical plate, each strip with the entire width of the imported slot on the bottom, the top has a flip exports.Two tablet set is very close to that from horizontal tube at the bottom of the tank when the stripping steam distributor injection into oil, palm oil refinery plantthe expansion of the water vapor along the trench wall with thin layer to promote fat up, at the exit, steam, the baffle into vapors smuggled with foam fog main oil fell to the bottom of the wall, into the next slot.

After the last tank, oil discharge and heat recovery and cooling section, cooling oil under vacuum, first by into oil cooling, and then by the cooling water circulation cooling in the planar coil.Deodorization oil by gravity into the vacuum container, after deodorization oil after fine filter sent to storage.

Steam pipe
All the lining of the heat transfer fluid damper and baffle role, so the oil separator consisting of a shallow dish flow between, between the baffle plate through a tube distributor mixing water vapor.Liquid level by the overflow weir at the end of the period of heating and cooling to keep more than level with the top of the tablet.As the raw material oil change and parking prepared separate discharge valve.

From shallow dish in different period of the entrainment of the steam entrainment separator, and collect the container fixed connects with the nozzle head in a hat.Spray nozzle and spray type of fat content are connected to the condenser, into the outer container (shell) splash oil collecting emissions in a tank, and add to the distillate.Figure 6-41 is a kind of vertical layer separation chamber (tray) continuous single shell tower.Raw materials in the spray degassing in the degasser, the external heat exchanger in the heat to high processing temperature.First by the thermal oil deodorization () in the province heater heating, and then by high pressure water vapor () in the heater to...

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