hot selling high efficient castor oil processing

hot selling high efficient castor oil processing

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hot selling high efficient castor oil processing

extraction oil

the extraction of oil

process of oil refining

Prepressing is the first step in the castor seed oil processing. Using a high pressure continuous screw oil press called the

oil expeller. Extracted oil is filtered, and the material removed from the oil is fed back into the stream

along with fresh material. Material finally discharged from the press, called cake, contains to 10 percent oil.

It is crushed into a coarse meal, and subjected to solvent extraction with hexane or heptane. Once the oil has been extracted

from the seed, it is necessary to remove impurities from the oil. The oil is essentially a pure

triglyceride, and contains almost 90% glyceryl tricinoleate. It is the ricinoleic triglyceride that is needed in order to produce

high quality castor oil.Castor cake extraction part,this part is for getting the oil out of the cake and to fully use the oil

in the castor.

6„ÄĀgroundnut oil machinery manufacturer

Groundnut oil is extracted from sunflower seed, due to rich nutrition, people love to eat all of the world, some countries

call it healthy oil, prolong life of oil.Quality characteristics of sunflower oil:lightyellow color,clear;taste fragrant,no

smell;low melting point,easy to human digestion.Linoleic content is the maximum in vegetable cooking oil,therefore,eating

sunflower oil has curative effect to the patient with hypertension,fatter,cerebral embolism,heart disease,nephritic

Company Introduction

We have operated in refined and crude sunflower oil as a authorized many years.This manufactory is the largest manufactures

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