Hotel Chain

Hotel Chain

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Vol. 2, No. 4

International Business Research

Study on the Application of CRS in China Hotel Chain: the Analysis based on System Functional Factors
Junliang Lu & Zhaojun Zhu School of Management, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310012, China Tel: 86-571-8820-6872 Abstract Based on relative research literature reviews about the development and functions of foreign hotel CRS, combining with the basic situation of China hotel industry and according to the clients’ functional requirements to CRS, the functional factor model of CRS in the application of China hotel group is explored in the article. The research methods mainly include literature review, interviews, questionnaires and other empirical analysis methods. Through the empirical analysis, the hypothesis model is analyzed and modified, and the key functional factors of CRS are obtained. The CRS functional model of hotel group is established in the article, and this model has been proved to be effective in the CRS construction of Nanjing JInling Group. Keywords: Hotel group, Hotel chain, Central reservation system (CRS), Model, Functional factors 1. Introduction At the beginning of 1960s, to simplify the ticket reservation procedure, the airline company successfully developed the electronic reservation system which could directly manage the stock, associate with the agent, and implement scheduled flight inquiry and reservation operation by the agent’s reservation system terminal (Gill, 1998). In 1965, Kemmons Wison first introduced the reservation system into the holiday hotel and called it the central reservation system (CRS), and the hotel accommodation industry had first used the CRS to implement the distribution and reservation. Up to the late of 1980s, the occurrence of the seamless connection technology promoted the mutual development of the hotel reservation system and the air reservation system, and realized the real-time confirmation for the reservation demands between the air reservation system...

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