Hotel Management System with Online Environment for Hotel Riviera

Hotel Management System with Online Environment for Hotel Riviera

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Hotel Management System With Online Environment For Hotel Riviera


• • • • • • • • Background of The Company Introduction to Hotel Management System Technology Used in the HMS System Analysis and My Approach to the System Design Implementation Testing and Evaluation Future of the OHMS

Background of the hotel Riviera
• The Riviera resort is a Tourist Resort. It is located in the charming fishing town of Batticaloa, in the eastern coastal district of Sri Lanka. This resort was established in 2000.

• This resort has 38 rooms with all the Facilities. • There are double single and family rooms with attached bathrooms. There are in door and out door games facilities with swimming pool. Air-conditioned rooms too are available.

Introduction of current system
• • • • Guest registration Room reservation Food order payment calculation

Problems identified
• • It takes more time to reserve the room. So performance of the current system is slow. Now the current system is running manually. So they are facing the following problems. Difficult to handle data accurately and security because of the data lost, viewing by unauthorized people, can’t collect the data at the time.

• Day to day current system is very costly • So security wise is not guarantee to all information and data’s. • If customer wants search their details it very difficult • Processing delay • Not easy to handle room details • Storage problems • Unable to analyze past data • (Update, Search, Delete, Edit), these types of methods are not accessible and not carry with the manual method

Introduction to Online Hotel Management System (OHMS)
• To resolve the current problems the Hotel decided to do in Fashionable way so that they no their situation. So Hotel agreed to do in computerized method to resolve the reservations problems. The Hotel believes that advantages of doing in a computerized system.

• The system will help the Hotel Riviera...

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