house on fire

house on fire

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I was relaxing a bit after lunch when I heard cries at a distance. Just to satisfy curiosity, I came out of my house. My attention was attracted by a huge cloud of smoke at a stone's throw my house. I rushed to the spot and found that the upper floor of a double storied building had caught fire. Many people were running about and making a great fuss for nothing. There were others who were carrying water in pitchers, tubs and buckets and were going up the wooden ladders. They were trying their best to extinguish the fire but the dense clouds of smoke that were rising and the tongues of fire that were leaping out of smoke showed that the fire continued to rage with greater fury. The cries of the inmates were pathetic and I thought that only a miracle could save them from certain death that was threatening them every minute.

At that time I head the ringing of the bells of the fire brigade. I saw that the fireman jumped out of their cars and immediately started their work. They showered huge quantities of water with a great force through hose pipes. They extinguished the fire as if by magic. Then the firemen entered the rooms of the damaged house and brought down the persons of the house. They had become senseless because of smoke. After a few minutes those persons recovered their senses.

The damage caused by the fire was not very great. No life was lost. The damage was estimated at about ten thousand rupees. People were then going back to their houses, so I also followed them.

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