How About Feature and Application of Circular Vibrating Screen

How About Feature and Application of Circular Vibrating Screen

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Circular vibrating screen is also called single shaft sieve, sieve box on each point of the trajectory is round or similar round, the screen surface as a result of the screening machine movement characteristics, installation time need large dip Angle, Angle is usually 16 ° - 21 °.Circular vibrating screen is suitable for screening of coarse grained materials, used to choose more bottles in front of the coal preparation and coal sieving classification in general. But do you know the features and main application of circular vibrating screen?

Depending on the structure and principle of vibrator, single shaft sieve can be divided into three types: (1) simple inertia type single axis vibrating screen; (2) since the centering type single axis vibrating screen (; (3) the eccentric circular vibration sieve (uniaxial). The eccentric circular vibrating screen has been completely eliminated, since the fixed center type single shaft vibrating screen is widely used and simple inertia type circular vibrating screen.1. Since the fixed center type circular vibrating screen Self centering round vibrating screen according to the structure of the vibrator is different, can be divided into bearing eccentric and pulley eccentric type two kinds. 2. Simple inertia type single axis vibrating screen Simple inertia type single axis (round) the spindle on the flywheel is eccentric type vibrating screen, turns to produce vibration force, vibration sieve machine. Sieve machine is working, the spindle center line of the space is changing and turn it around the imaginary axis, radius of gyration is actually the amplitude of the sieve.

The characteristics and appliaction of Circular vibrating screen are as follows:

SYK series circular vibrating screen is mainly used for raw coal screening, crushing screening and final screening. This series of vibrating screen is in the absorption of Germany, the United States and other countries vibrating...

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