How about Technical Features of Flotation Separator?

How about Technical Features of Flotation Separator?

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In dense medium coal preparation is the raw material coal density is greater than the low density material, less than the medium of high density material sorting according to the density of a method. Three products heavy medium coal preparation is to use a medium density can be sorting out the three products, reducing the medium system, reduce the production equipment, reduces the power consumption and medium consumption, can greatly improve the efficiency of the coal economy.

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Second, the technical features of flotation separator are as follows: Separation of high precision, simple process flow, can use a single low density of suspension system is a sorting out of the plant, China coal and waste rock three kinds of qualified products, and USES the raw coal desliming, classification into the wash, and compared to the traditional two products heavy medium coal preparation process, greatly reduces the production;Raw coal by pressureless feeding way, conveyor ability strong, secondary slime content and fine loss decreased significantly; Product structure of flotation cell is flexible, stable quality, two stage separation density can be online stepless adjustment, convenient and flexible to extract, quality is guaranteed, the gangue in single machine processing capacity by 40 t/h to 300 t/h, but basic can meet the needs of large, medium...

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