How about the sand making machine development

How about the sand making machine development

In recent years, because of the limited resources of natural sand and stone mining, the artificial sand and stone has become the mainstream products in the construction, which also directly promotes the development of the sand making machine industry.

Sand making machine in the country is most important field of application is the cement industry, paving and mining, because of high demand, the manufacturers to produce sand making machine will be more. Sand-designed innovative products, grinding rate, energy savings compared with similar products innovative, metallurgical industries and various mineral grinding the best equipment.

The sand making machine is the most key machine in the sand production line, it decides sand fineness of finished product. Vibrating sieve can screen the finished product that we need, sand washing equipment is responsible for cleaning the impurity in the sand. According to the different production of finished product, the mechanical model and configuration that we need also are different. Of course, these equipments are the necessary equipment, we also need some incidental equipment at the same time.

Working principle of sand making machine

VSI Sand Making Machine adopts advanced principle of selective crushing and cleavage fracture crushing; impressing enough kinetic energy to materials; Impacting strength will convert kinetic energy to crushing energy. Materials will break through the natural lamination and physical edge. It has the features of better shape of final products, but less cost. This machine can realize two working principles’ conversion with “crushing between materials” and “crushing between materials and liners”.

Sand making machine main advantage

1, Sand making machine increase the effectiveness and coarse features, products produced grain shape is more excellent.

2, Sand making machine larger crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency (mainly due to the machine’s speed is increased, the output...

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