How Agricultural Development Through The Internet?

How Agricultural Development Through The Internet?

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With the deepening of China's market-oriented process, a growing number of industry chain and industry category began branding, agricultural products are no exception. From the perspective of the consumer market and increasingly serious food safety issues, so that more and more consumers have the security concept of consumption. In the absence of clear criteria to identify safety, consumers naturally to whether the big brands, well-known brands as the safety criteria.

Agriculture brand in addition to provoke the desire of consumers to buy, but the main thing is that in exchange for the trust of consumers. "Internet +" era, the agricultural produce market will birth standardization, scale, brand transformation, brand agriculture will usher in a great opportunity. Accurate insight into the target market, people recognize the brand.

Agricultural products brand operation to achieve premium income of agricultural products created a prerequisite. But now, since most agricultural products is still in the early branding, there is a clear target population and the demands of the agricultural brand value rarely seen. Therefore, we do agriculture branding time, on the one hand, to follow the brand of agricultural plant growth, planting law; on the other hand, they must have characteristics different from the ordinary differentiation of agricultural products, it has a unique selling point or value support point. The core values ​​of the brand communication.

The essence of brand is value, brand core value of the direct docking target the needs of consumers, touched them later. Only with a unique brand core value, in order to impress the target consumers while achieving differentiation. What are the needs of the target population is the brand of agricultural products, the value of what is behind the demands of the demand, which is the greatest opportunity to demand points, you need to answer through the core value proposition....

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