How Biomass CFB Boilers work

How Biomass CFB Boilers work

A Biomass Boiler works just like an oil or LPG boiler – it burns fuel to generate heat and hot water for industry processing or for urban central heating. It will produce just as much heat as an equivalent oil or gas boiler but use a much cheaper, carbon-neutral fuel; such as wood pellets which are fed automatically into your boiler. Replacing your existing boiler is a straight-forward process and your new carbon-efficient boiler will require very little maintenance.

How Biomass Boilers work - Is biomass right for you?

Biomass Boilers are most suitable for owners of older properties with space and access for fuel delivery and storage. If you are currently using oil or LPG you will enjoy the largest savings, but biomass is also attractive to mains gas customers looking for a carbon-neutral solution.

Fuel with a future
Biomass chips and pellets are delivered to your property by your fuel supplier and fed automatically into your fuel store, just like oil.

Biomass fuel is regenerated, meaning supply is reliable, unlike fossil fuels. Prices have remained flat for five years whilst the biomass fuel industry has expanded considerably.

Feedback from our customer:
John from Mexico: ZG biomass boilers are a responsive, competitive and professional organization who built my trust by delivering results

Muhammad from Pakistan: Professional and trouble free from the first visit to the completion of the installation. I would definitely recommend ZG boiler to my friends

Eyran from South Africa: I fully intend to recommend ZG biomass fired boiler to anyone who is considering renewable energy for their property.


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