How Can Facebook Leverage Its Products and Services Into the Work Place?

How Can Facebook Leverage Its Products and Services Into the Work Place?

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There are two aspects of using facebook products and services into the workplace: “for work” or “at work”.

“For work” means businesses using facebook to increase their market share, advertising their products or services, advertising vacancies (yes there are job advertisements on facebook too) or for any other purpose with end result meaning the company will increase its market share.

“At work” is altogether opposite to one mentioned above, it means using facebook at workplace for non work related purpose with no intention of benefiting the organization which lead to negative effect of work productivity.

At the same time, however, businesses are starting to appreciate that social networking has its advantages, and there are many companies that have adopted social networking as another vehicle to gain a better presence online and a wider audience.

The Benefits
Expanding Market Research
Social networking sites give businesses a fantastic opportunity to widen their circle of contacts. Using Facebook, for example, a small business can target an audience of thousands without much effort or advertising. With a good company profile and little in terms of costs, a new market opens up, as do the opportunities to do business.
Personal Touch
Social networks allow organizations to reach out to select groups or individuals and to target them personally. Businesses can encourage their customers to become connections or friends, offering special discounts that would be exclusive to online contacts. This personal touch is not only appreciated but may give the business access to that customer’s own network of contacts.
Improve Your Reputation
Building strong social networks can help a business to improve its reputation with as little advertising as possible. Social networks can boost your image as thought leaders in the field and customers/contacts start to acknowledge your business as reliable and an excellent source of information/products that suit their...

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