How Computers Effect Our Daily Lives ?

How Computers Effect Our Daily Lives ?

How Computers Effect Our Daily Lives ?

Present to : Phillys

Present from: Fifi


Computer as a tool and a technique product is no longer strange for people in modern society. People use computer anywhere with and field. Computers have played an amazing role in the world. Nowadays, almost everybody has more than one computer in their home. More areas are being taken over by the computer. Today, the computer has changed the business world and our daily lives.

To begin with, can you image that you live without computers during a week? For me, it is absolutely not possible since I use computer to contact my family and my friend everyday. Most of the youth of today use computers to relax in their daily lives. They play computer games or enjoy in the social network. Also, people can choose movies and listen to music that they like. In addition, computers are essential tools that help people in work area. Programs can do various functions and ease the process of doing it manually without computer. For instance, designers use software to deal with all the advertising and design papers. Businessmen use computers to communicate with their clients like video chat, online phones and sales transaction, while some people can find a job or an opportunity on the internet.

Moreover, the most important is that computer improves efficiency for people’s lives. For example, individuals not only can use computers to book trios online, but also book hotels, flights even a delicious meal. Furthermore, people can shop on line to buy anything for a lower price. It’s not only convenient, but also saves...

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