how did ancient cultures of mesopotamia and egypt develop into successful civilizations

how did ancient cultures of mesopotamia and egypt develop into successful civilizations

Name:_Matthew Cummins Grade:8th ELA Teacher: Ms.Zipperer
CCMS summer reading is designed to help our students understand the following:
• Reading can be an enjoyable pastime.
• People read for pleasure, not just to acquire information.
• Reading is a skill that improves with practice.
• Reading can be a family activity; families in which parents read inspire children to read.
• Reading is fundamental in providing a solid basis for academic achievement.

Book/Novel Choice Directions: Choose at least one book/novel of your interest to read this summer. Be sure to pick a novel that is at your appropriate reading level and that is something you will be excited to share with your classmates in August when you return to school. If you are having trouble determining what to read review the CCMS Suggested Summer Reading List on the CCMS homepage. This list is broken down by reading level and genre, plus it gives a quick summary of book/novel.

Assignment Directions: Each time you read your novel throughout the summer, document the date, page numbers, and your active reading comment starter with appropriate answer in the table below. If you need to add additional spaces, you may add them electronically or by hand drawing them on the bottom of the table.

Assessment: During the first full week of school, your ELA teacher will provide you with a writing assignment in order for you to showcase your writing and language skills through the novel or book you read this summer. You will be allowed to use your Summer Reading Log to help craft your writing assessment. Make sure you keep a thorough record of your reading and use details in your comments for each entry; this will be a fantastic resource to have on hand during the assessment.

Active Reading Comment Starters:
Today I was surprised that…
My favorite part so far is when…
I like the main character named…because…
My favorite line I read today was…because…
This scene reminds...

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