How Did Tutankhamun Die

How Did Tutankhamun Die

Focus question-How did Tutankhamun die?

Tutankhamun was a ruler of the 8th Dynasty. His tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. Ever since the discovery of the famous tomb there has been speculation about the King’s death. Til this day, even after two X-ray scans and a CT scan, we still aren’t one hundred percent sure just what did happen to Tutankhamun. The King’s death has had experts arguing for decades trying to discover the real cause of death to the young King. The pharaoh has always been very famous due his tomb being the only royal tomb that has survived for millennia without being looted. This becomes a great interest to anyone wanting to understand more about the ancient world and Tutankhamun in particular.

Through observation of the preserved mummy many clues have been discovered that help us make a decision on what actually happened to the 19 year old King all those years ago. There are many theories in which have been created to try and explain how this King died at such an early age and what from. The more famous views include:
• Murder
• Accidental death
• Poisoned
• Illness/natural abnormities

The theory of Tutankhamun being murdered is stated in a book by Bob Brier, a mummy specialist from Long Island University ‘The Murder of Tutankhamun’. The book explains how through his medical knowledge Brier looks close at the King’s skull and believes he finds evidence that leads him to state that the damage to the skull are the reason for Tutankhamun’s early death. An X-ray of his skull showed a blood clot. This could well have been due to a blow from an object, which eventually lead to death. This creates a theory that the King was indeed murdered. He argues also that there is literary works which is a text from Horemheb’s stature which reads ‘Egyptian brothers, don’t forget what foreigners did to our king Tutankhamun’.

It is clear that others certainly had eyes on the throne. There are suspicions such as Aye, who took the...

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