How Does an Abortion Increase My Risk of Getting Breast Cancer?

How Does an Abortion Increase My Risk of Getting Breast Cancer?

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Breast Cancer and Abortion
I. Introduction
1. Breast cancer is almost at epidemic levels
Megan* was only 10 when her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She watched her mom endure the pain of the disease and the supposed cure as she underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy. Megan normally could have turned to her beloved grandmother for comfort. But her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time and was herself undergoing treatment. After a four year battle, Megan’s mom died at the young age of 39. Her grandma lived six more years before she died of the disease.
When Megan was 17 she became pregnant. At nine weeks, she made an appointment at an abortion clinic. When she arrived they took her to a room filled with other girls, gave her valium, explained the procedure and performed the abortion. At no time did they ask her family or personal medical history.
Megan is now 22. Because of her mother’s and grandmother’s breast cancer, she is considered high risk. She can’t do anything about this. What she didn’t know was that her abortion, combined with her family history, her age and the early stage of pregnancy termination, increased her chances of breast cancer by as much as 800% before the age of 45! Why hadn’t she been told this? Why, if abortion is about choice, hadn’t she been given this information so she could make an informed choice?
If you or someone you know is considering abortion, please read this before you decide. Megan did not know the facts before she chose. You will if you continue reading.


When you become pregnant your body produces a surge of the hormone estrogen. This causes the cells in the breast to multiply rapidly in the first half of the pregnancy. In the second half, other hormones are produced to stop this rapid growth and to direct these cells to perform new functions such as producing milk. These last changes protect the cells against...

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