How Does Business Interact with the society?

How Does Business Interact with the society?

Business is an interaction, which creates an opportunity between two parties who want to exchange resources, services or trade products according to an agreement between the seller and the buyer.

In my opinion, Business communicates and interacts with the society in a variety of ways It has become a part of our daily lives; these transaction are as simple as switching on the lights, turning on the water tap, using a mobile phone or turning on the television, these are all transaction in which the buyer is required to pay the utility company to be able to access the services they have provided. Business also provides many other roles in society that focuses on profitability and sustainability to have a competitive advantage amongst societies developments that arise.

The way that business communicates and interacts with the society has evolved over times creating many more opportunities it has taken a vast leap especially with the help of technology business interactions have become easier, more convenient and more relevant.
The world’s nations are given a chance to venture into the services and products that are in different countries, they share interest and investments and the communicate via emails and this allows them to build an intertwined network for their business and the economy.

A business relies on the societies movements, motivation and determination to earn and invest for their own well being. Business can be seen as a lifestyle choice a more extravagant life style would require a bigger business or an individual who would work longer hours but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it would work out positively it would definitely depend on the economy of the business at the time.

Business tends to fluctuate, which causes the society to fall at risk when the economy affects the society and their ability to upkeep a profitable amount of money to survive and pay expenses as prices of goods & services fluctuate higher it would throw of...

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