How Does Raymond Mill Feed Materials?

How Does Raymond Mill Feed Materials?

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Stone Raymond Roller Mill System mainly contains small rock crusher, bucket elevator, hopper , vibrating feeder, Stone Raymond Roller Mill, Powder Bagging Machine, Electric control box, etc.

Stone Raymond Roller Mill System workflow is as follows:

1- First use one forklift to send the raw material into the big bunk before the small rock crusher.

2- The vibrating feeder under the big bunk sends the raw material into the small rock crusher evenly.

3- Small Rock Crusher crush the raw material into smaller size which is suitable for the raymond mill.

4- Bucket elevator or belt conveyor sends the crushed raw material into the hopper.

5- The vibrating feeder under the hopper sends the crushed raw materials into the grinding chamber of the raymond mill.

6- Under the function of the motor and main shaft, the rollers rotates in high speed, and grind the raw material together with the ring. There is one blower to blow the powder up to the powder classifier which is on the top of the raymond mill main frame. The fine powder which can pass through the powder classifier goes out as the product, the coarse powder falls down anf to be grinded by the roller and ring again.

7- The powder bagging machine is used to pack the powder into bag.

8- Electric control box is used to control all the motors in the Stone Raymond Roller Mill system.

There are many blades installed in the classifier of Stone Raymond roller mill, distributing them as the shape of the sun. After a period of time, these blades will be worn, which will directly influence the powder collecting efficiency. The coarse powder passes through the classifier and enters into the powder collector, which is also an important reason for leaving too much coarse powder in the finished Clirik expert tell the factors that influence final size of Stone Raymond roller mill

grinding plant:

vibrating feeder:...

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