How Foolish Is Divorce

How Foolish Is Divorce

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I want a divorce” These are words commonly heard on television, books and in households. In the past centuries, marriage was considered sacred and divorce was a taboo that everyone avoided. In the past, some couples choose to spend the rest of their lives with someone that they didn’t love anymore rather then deal with what society had to say. In today’s society it seems that divorce has become a way of life. As the divorce rates reach an all time high and less then 50 percent of people staying married. More and more people are getting divorce for foolish reasons such as outside influences, financial problems and parenting difference.

A foolish reason why people get divorce is outside influences. People are going to their friends with their problems instead of sitting with their mates and talking about it. Most of the time the people that are giving you advice are having problems with their own relations. We live in a greedy society where if you have something that someone wants they don’t want to see you with it. Communication should be a key in every relationship. If you don’t have communication more then likely your relationship will not last.

With the economy at record lows and foreclose homes and job lose at record highs. Another foolish reason why people get divorce is financial problems. Today families are getting in over their heads in debt and don’t live with in their mean. If you have financial problems, the rest of your life is full of stress. If you are stressed out, the smallest things will irritate you and possibly create huge fights.

Parenting difference can be a foolish reason for divorce. With people coming from all walks of life and being raised with different views. You will have parents with different views. If you take something like ear piercing, some families believe it should be done when a child is a few months old and other believe a child has to be at least 16 before they can get one. Now you have parents with two...

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